Styles and Finishes

Natural Stone Beading - Custom Orders

Silver - Custom Orders

Sterling Silver - Custom Orders

Brushed Satin- matte copper with brush marks

Textured – various hammered styles
Shiny – polished copper
Fold Forming – metal has been folded for design

Flame Painting – Varies between each piece

Copper flame painting is a process whereby colors and patterns are created on copper, not by the use of paints or chemicals but by the manipulation of oxygen molecules on the surface of the piece, actually painting with a flame. Using a propane oxygen torch, varying colors are produced by the number and length of times that heat is applied. Color is also influenced by the composition of the air on a given day. Therefore, each piece is unique. 

Due to the unique characteristics of flame painting, and as this is a handmade item, there will be color and pattern variations between pieces of the same design, making your piece one of a kind. Colors and patterns cannot be duplicated; please allow for artistic variances. Color is also influenced by light, appearing darker or more vibrant depending on light source. I take great care to create each bracelet as a unique piece of art and would be happy to email photos of exact pieces you could purchase.

A protective finish prevents colors from fading or changing. Or you can leave the metal unfinished and overtime it will take on a whole new aged look. Each handcrafted item comes in an organza gift bag and is ready for giving.

Please note the photographed items are a representation of what you will receive. Each design is handmade by me from inception to finished product. They are not mass produced nor manufactured; each unique piece is one of a kind.
 Please be aware that each cuff is made by hand, and there will be slight variations in each piece, something to be valued as it creates a work of art that is uniquely yours.

How to care for your copper.

Copper develops a patina, much like sterling silver, but faster and darker, especially in the presence of heat, sunlight, sweat, swimming pools and chlorine water, chemicals and cosmetics. Remove copper jewelry before bathing, swimming, doing dishes, putting on lotion or makeup.

The best method to keep your copper jewelry nice and shiny, is to store it in a re-sealable plastic bag or jewelry case with anti-tarnish paper.  Do not use a jewelry cleaning solution. If you need to clean it, only use water with a touch of mild soap, rinse and dry.

Some people love the deep rich look of vintage copper while others like the bright shiny bronze look of clean copper.